A collection of keepsakes to remind you of past adventures.

  • Sealed Scroll
    Received from daimyō Futatsuiwa

A scroll sealed with the mark of an old, forgotten clan.
As the Emperor’s favor turned against them, the Tanuki vanished without a trace. Only recently did samurai recover documents bearing their seal, each one raising as many questions as it answered.
Knowing of her clan’s fate, what kind of message would Futatsuiwa send to the future?

  • VIP Card
    Received from Bayushi Susumu

A card signed by Bayushi Susumu, allowing free access to Zakyo Toshi’s facilities at the governor’s expense.
Susumu spared no expense when it came to entertaining his important guests, but all the while, his hold on the general populace lessened swiftly. The mistakes he made during the ensuing riots cost him dearly, and he’s been recalled to his family’s stronghold as a result.
Only time will tell if his successor is the lesser of two evils that the citizens hope for.


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