Legend of the Five Rings

Pleasure City.
Miko's journal.

While Akodo-san returned to our lodgings, Sojiro and I continued our search for clues.
We used backalleys to reach the spot where rioting was taking place. I noticed one of my clan’s bushi dragged off and the rest of the squad being hard pressed. So without thought I dove in, scroll ready for casting and buffed up a few of these wariors.

But suddenly I lost all capacity of sight. I felt the tendrils of panic starting to constrict my chest when I heard heard those commoners begin to scream in panic. That’s when I realised some unknown magical effect was blocking our capacity to see. It’s the strangest thing and some spell I’ve never heard of before.
Luckily this effect dissipated soon, and our bushi quickly pressed the advantage.

Strangely when the dust settled there was no trace to be seen of Sojiro. I decided to accompany the bushi to their headquarters to talk with some people. This is where Sojiro later showed up.

Talking with some bushi, and some infiltrators, and thinking over the map, we came to the conclusion that the origin of these riots had to be somewhere in the Southern part of the city. That’s also where the original fortress of the minor clan alliance is situated.

By the time I’d finished my round of talks Sojiro had once more disappeared. I decided to try and find him, and managed to track him towards the South. But eventually I lost all trace of him, and I decided it would be more useful spending my time looking into our case instead of trying to locate our monk.
So eventually I headed towards the old fortress.
When I got there I immediately noticed the place was guarded by unsavoury looking types. I used my spells to get a better look at one of them
It was immediately clear to me that these men were ronin standing guard over the fortress.

I returned to the clan headquarters and looked up the infiltrators. We agreed to sneak in and have a look around.
We found written evidence these ronin had been hired to cause trouble. And upstairs we saw their leader, a wellknown piece of filth who’d so far managed to stay out of the authoroties’ hands. And we discovered a child. Thinking she was most likely kidnapped I decided to try and get her out.

When we got outside we ran into Sojiro who didn’t like me doing things behind his back, without his approval and reminded me I was working for him. I was so taken by surprise I didn’t even think to tell him it’s hard to consult him on things when he always runs off without a means of contacting him.

But in short order: the entire city was in uproar by that point. We talked to the governor, but he had his hands full. So we decided to raid the fortress on our own. The child we sent to Akodo-san for safekeeping.
I led our small force to the stairway leading up, and then enchanted our battlemaiden and Sojiro’s blades; they made quick work of the enemies up there. Looking around we found all the evidence we needed, and devided the ronin’s warfunds for safekeeping.

Miko's journal

To whom it may concern, this is the journal of Soshi Miko, shugenja of the Scorpion clan, and guest of the Akodo family of the Lion clan.

So far my time here had been fruitful but quiet.
Things started shifting when the emperor, glory be his name, wanted me to look into a legend. Records had been found about the existence of a now lost clan in the forests south of the Unicorn lands. The emperor wanted me to go there and see if I could uncover evidence of this tribe.
For some reason Akodo-san deemed it necessary to accompany me on my travels, but I was happy with the company. The roads can get a lonely place.
In short, we met two other people who’d received an order to investigate: an Utaku battlemaiden and a Dragon monk.
Together we began investigating the forest.

The first thing I found was a recently abandoned teahouse. The former owner had left the documents of ownership ready to fill in a name to claim it. I’ve decided to take the documents without filling in a name. I want to think this over because I’m uncertain. It seems strange to find such an establishlent in this place, a long way from any villages. Maybe time will bring certainty.

We found the remains of an old fortress in the forest. Nature has taken over completely. But we found no signs of battle.
While investigating I heard something move about, and it seemed to head up into the trees. We followed in the same direction, and later I decided to try communicating with the air kami in the vicinity.

What happened next is a bit unclear. But it seems the kami made it possible for us to visit the place in the past, while it was still occupied. We spent some time with the people living there, and talked with them. I even communicated with the kami in that time. The information I gathered shows me that at some point the emperor lost his trust in the Tanuki clan and wanted them erased. The founder of this clan, a shapeshifter and kami, in turn decided to call the clan home into the beast realm. That is why the clan disappeared. Strangely enough we received records to take along as evidence. This shows clearly the kami did not merely allow us to see these events, but did something far more.

When we left the forest we headed to the capital to deliver our report to the office of the emerald magistrate.
The magistrate rewarded us for our service with a position within the office.
Our first task would be to head over to Pleasure City in Scorpion territory to do something about the riots that are going on in this city for weeks.
Now this seems to me as if the magistrate is taking away control over the city from my clan.
When I had the chance I visited an ambassador of my clan in the capital. He asked me to try and run damage control during this operation. If I could shift blame for this situation away from the Scorpion clan towards the alliance of minor clans, who controlled this city before us, it would greatly benefit us.
We also met a second monk who was going to join us, one of the Brotherhood, Sojiro.

The first thing I saw in this city was a great amount of bushi guarding certain intersections. The great lanes were all clear.
Later Akodo-san and Sojiro were heading into the city to investigate. Now Sojiro has been sweettalking Akodo-san for days, and it seemed obvious the planned to go without me. But I was adamant I was not going to be left behind. At first glance there was nothing to be found, not even in the narrow alleys. But when I called upon the light of the moon to guide my eyes I started finding grim remnants of battle. People had been clearing all signs of trouble but missed a few things that were revealed by my magic.
Maybe the governor of this city can shed some light on the matter when I have a private meeting. And maybe further investigation will reveal more.


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