1. Episode one:

Futatsuiwa Mamizou
The last daimyō of the Tanuki clan, 600 years in the past. A social drinker with a liver made of folded steel.

Yasuki Hidetatsu
An Emerald Magistrate stationed in the capital city. A young Crab courtier who now pursues a career serving Imperial Law. Often has to cover for his yōjimbō’s social offenses.

An Emerald Magistrate stationed in the capital city. Yasuki Hidetatsu’s yōjimbō and quite possibly the rudest man in Rokugan.

Seppun Chiyori
Akodo Katsuro’s wife and a member of the Imperial Court. Is regularly consulted by her husband regarding most daily affairs.

  1. Episode two:

Bayushi Susumu
A Scorpion courtier who oversees Zakyo Toshi, a.k.a. Pleasure City. A courteous man who warmly welcomes his guests with utmost sincerity and respect.

“Ikoma” Michiko
The almost-but-not-quite adopted daughter of Ikoma Katsu, Lion representative within Zakyo Toshi. Currently in custody of Akodo Katsuro.

Suzume Toshiro
An old, blind Sparrow samurai residing in Zakyo Toshi. Was tricked into sending the ringleader’s orders and recruitment letters outside the city.

  1. Episode three:

Kakita Sanae
The current Emerald Champion. A paragon of Bushido, consummate perfectionist and patron of the arts.

  1. Yet to appear:

Agasha “One-Arm” Haruhisa
The current Jade Champion. Notoriously militant, often expresses his desire for a zero-tolerance policy with regards to Taint.


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